Faculty of Foreign Languages

Turkish Language Branch,

Department  of Slavic and Balkan Languages,

Faculty of Foreign Languages,

State University of Tirana

is organizing the international congress of  Turkish  Language with main topic

“The past, the present and the tomorrow of Turkish  Language in Albania”

Within 20th anniversary of  Turkish  Language Branch.

On  28-30 March 2019

The subfields: Linguistics, Communication, Cultural Relationship, Ottoman Turkish, Didactics, Balkanology, Regional Studies,Orientalistics.

Event will start in

Participation fee is 50Euro & the deadline of abstract submission is 15 March 2019.


Turkish is spoken officialy in 3 continent Europe, Assia, Africa.The papers must be on the fields of: Turkish Grammar and Literature, Linguistics, Ottoman Turkish, Didactics, Cultural Communication, Albanology, Balkanology, Regional Studies,Orientalistics.The languages of presentation are:  Turkish, Albanian, English, German, French, Arabic, and all Balkan Languages

Rruga e Elbasanit, Tirana, ALBANIA